Quattro Ristorante is an Italian/Mexican restaurant which is a franchise from Mumbai. Located on Kuwait Road at the Mankhool area of Dubai, it’s pretty easy to find and there are also ample parking spaces available so that aspect is already sorted. Their tagline is “molecular gastronomy made affordable”.

We came to visit the place one Friday afternoon because we saw all the great pictures on social media and decided that we should give it a try. When we entered, we saw this cute little space but it was spacious enough and I think they did a great job on making sure they can fit as many seats as possible.

I love the simple interior and the blue and yellow theme and even though it was quite small for a restaurant, the dining area and the seats were very comfortable. I also liked the addition of the tree at the center and the mini waterfall design.

When they gave us the menu, I was shocked because it was all vegetarian! I am not a vegetarian at all and I like my meat all the time. To be honest, I wasn’t that disappointed and thought I would just ask for their bestsellers and hope that they would taste good.

The waiter recommended some of their specialties and we ordered them and we started with some of their drinks.

I loved the passion fruit that I had but we also tried this spicy drink and since I’m not a fan of anything spicy, I thought that it was too much for me.

They served the appetizers and I thought that they were really tasty and scrumptious despite the lack of meat.

When the mains were served, I thought they changed their mind and served us this grilled chicken looking dish but it was actually tofu.

It was nice, to be honest, and it was complemented by the rice. We also had quesadillas with different sauces and again, even with the lack of meat, I did like it.

Last was the pizza and I think this is the one that I liked the most. The dough was perfect and I had this feeling that it is healthy (I’m not sure if it is) so I ate about half of it.

We ended our meal with the small mini coffee cakes and this beautiful looking popcorn dessert with hazelnut mousse and candied hazelnut.

I absolutely loved this and I will come back for this one.

The service at the restaurant was ok, they weren’t that attentive I think because it was also packed but we had to wave our hands quite a few times to get their attention.

All in all, we did have a nice experience at Quattro Dubai. I have come to realize that being a vegetarian for a day is not bad at all and we enjoyed the food but I won’t be a convert just yet. It is definitely a recommended place especially for the vegetarians out there and it’s also a nice place to try for people like me. Come for the pizza, pasta, and other Mexican delicacies, Quattro has something for everyone.

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