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Retro Feasts is a restaurant that was the result of a collaboration between Luke Thomas & Mark Fuller that was created in London back in 2013. Quite simply it’s a food and drink concept inspired by their childhood favorites, cleverly revitalized to appeal to today’s diverse social crowd.

The place is located at The Beach opposite one of the most popular places in Dubai, the Jumeirah Beach Residences. I love the vibes and the feeling that even if you’re not going swimming, just eating beside the beach is so relaxing. I’m a fan of their outdoor dining area and the quirky decor pieces inside the actual restaurant.

We went here one morning to try their breakfast because for the longest time, I wanted to try it and I just can’t find the time to visit. When we came, it was pretty busy and we can’t find any waiter to ask for a table. We had to come inside to ask if there was a table available outside and we were guided by one to a table.

Looking at the menu, I have learned that it takes its inspiration from the golden age of British cookery. Classic dishes such as Prawn Cocktail, Popcorn Chicken, Mac n’Cheese, Coronation Chicken Salad, Fish Finger Sandwich & Retro Burger are available throughout the day, reasonably priced and in child-sized portions too.

We started with some drinks and we thought that a fresh juice would be perfect in the morning so we opted for the Virgin Coco (fresh coconut water served in the shell) and we also had the Hello Mello (lightly blended watermelon and rockmelon served in the shell)

We then ordered for the Big British (chicken sausage, turkey bacon, sautéed potatoes, mushrooms, slow baked beans, grilled tomato and a fried egg with toasted sourdough bread)

We also had the smashed avocado & egg and their all day breakfast burger which was really good.

To be perfectly honest, aside from the burger, the food was just good but there was no “Wow” factor and no, you won’t close your eyes to savor the flavor and there was nothing remarkable to make you come back again.

Prices are very affordable, yes, but the service was terrible. We had to go inside quite a few times to ask for something because they just won’t see us outside.

Overall, I liked the concept, the food was good, the service, not really and we left just feeling meh. It’s a nice breakfast place and I think the points that I have mentioned can be easily fixed.

I will probably come back for the burger and possibly because the location is really nice but that won’t be anytime soon. I do hope they take these points into consideration and I look forward to coming back and having a better experience than what I had the first time.

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