MYBC, Uptown Mirdif

MYBC is a cafe serving healthy options in a versatile, street style environment. It is located on the ground floor of Uptown Mirdif, a fully integrated heritage-style community of residential and commercial properties.

Just in case you’re wondering, it used to be called Mellow Yellow Cafe but they recently rebranded it to MYBC. With the rebranding comes a new logo, a revamped menu and a new look and feel.

We came here on a Saturday to try out the food and to see for myself if the pictures on social media were as good in person as it is online. The first thing that I noticed when I came in was the graffiti on the wall. It was so colorful and I immediately thought that I would have Instagram-worthy pictures that day.

Before ordering, I checked out the place and I have learned that they serve healthy food and artisan bread. I thought to myself that it’s good because we all want to eat healthily but we don’t want to sacrifice the taste and MYBC caters to exactly that need.

It was pretty busy when I arrived and I saw groups of friends and families. They have board games and puzzles for the kids to enjoy and they have WiFi connection that’s good for hours if you want to just stay in there the whole day. If you have been watching the new Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, this cafe can be your own Monet’s.

Anyway, we ordered food and were told to try the chicken, pancakes, and the turkey and cheese sandwich.

When they came and I tried it, I have to say it was delicious and I felt like I was eating something healthy. You know the feeling where you don’t choke because of the preservatives used? I didn’t feel that at all. The food was delicious and I can definitely recommend it.

We also ordered some drinks and they came in a mason jar. We were able to try the matcha drink which is soon to be launched and the berry cooler too. I thought that they were really refreshing and it was just a thirst quencher, especially on that day.

To end the meal, we ordered their version of pavlova. It is a dessert consisting of a meringue base or shell filled with whipped cream and fruit and it was really good and I would urge anyone to try it when they visit the place.

One thing that surprised me was the affordable price on the menu. When they started serving the food, they were presented nicely and they didn’t use just the normal, conventional plate.

They made sure the presentation was nice and I think every item was worth a picture. The service was also good and I believe every customer that were dining during that time were pretty happy and satisfied.

To sum up, I did like the MYBC experience. It was simple, unpretentious and the food is top notch. I suppose more people would like it too had they known where it is located. To be honest, it’s tucked inside the myriad of residential and commercial properties and if you are not going to roam around and check for new places, you wouldn’t know it’s there. Thank God for social media, people will now learn about this place and will soon come here to try it for themselves. I liked it (a lot) and I think you will too.

For more info, you may check out their Facebook page via this link

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