Tribes, Mall of the Emirates

Tribes is a fun, casual dining restaurant located in the Mall of the Emirates and The Dubai Mall as well.

It is called Tribes because the menu has been inspired by the amazing food and flavors of Africa, an extremely diverse continent with numerous tribes, who not only speak different languages, they also have very different food that they prepare and serve to their family and friends.

That explains the interior design as well. When you enter, you will see a lot of brown hues, wood furniture and intricate pieces from Africa. Some of the seats have wool covers on them and the lights and the other decor complement the whole theme. There are also several pictures of the people from actual tribes that add to the authenticity of the place.

The menu offers a memorable fusion of exotic flavors, taken from the African continent since the tribal era, influenced by the Spice Islands of the East, the French in the West, the Malay & Dutch in the South and the Arabic flavors of the North.

For me, the presentation is key to a very nice meal and we started with their famous love potion called Tawalala. It’s a drink that is served in a bowl like this and includes a lot of sliced fruits inside. It was definitely refreshing and a great and elaborate way to start a meal.

And in what they call the pre-feast, we ordered their popular appetizer sampler called Hakuna Matata Platter. It serves 2 people and includes African pie, grilled calamari, boerewors, lamb spring roll, crumbed chicken lollipop and the pan-fried chili and garlic prawns. Just this is enough for me actually. Ordering this platter will definitely give you a taste of what they have to offer and it’s just incredibly good.

But of course, we need to order main courses and since we had the platter already, we thought we should order some meat because that is their tribal specialty. We opted for the Venison steak, Moroccan spiced lamb chops, and the speared chicken.

If these pictures don’t convince you to have meat right now, I don’t know what will. They are undoubtedly delicious and the fact that you don’t need the effort to slice or cut the meat was really impressive. I would highly recommend you try any of this because they’re just so good.

One thing that I also loved about Tribes is their staff. Everyone was so accommodating and were just fun to be around. We went on a dry night (no music allowed) and we had fun and I can just imagine how much more fun it would be on a regular day. They said there are drums and dancers and people are invited to mingle and be up on their feet.

Lastly, I cannot think of a better way to end our meal than having the Sweet Tribal Feast. Not only was it presented in a snazzy manner like this, the sweet treats were actually really good. My favorite was the creme brûlée but the rest were also nice.

All in all, I never expected that the Tribes dining experience would be that great. I used to just pass by the restaurant at the mall and I never thought that it’s just so much fun inside. I have no complaints and cannot find any fault at all with the service, food and the presentation. I would highly recommend the place if you’re looking for not just great food but also for an amusing and entertaining experience as well.

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