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Sho Cho is a Japanese restaurant and lounge located in one of the oldest hotspots in the city, the Dubai Marine Beach Resort. It might probably be one of the oldest as they have been successfully operating in Dubai since 2000.

Before there was Pier 7 or CityWalk or JBR, the Dubai Marine Beach Resort was the most happening place in Dubai and until now, it has maintained its reputation for being one of the coolest places to be in the city.

Sho Cho is located just beside the lake and so it might actually have the nicest view out of all the restaurants in the area. They have stunning interiors and even the outdoor dining area and the bar is picturesque and offers diners a nice atmosphere.

Anyway, we visited Sho Cho on a Monday to try their new promotion called ‘Monday Night Feast’. What it is basically is a set menu priced at AED150 for food and soft drinks. You will be given a menu and everything will be served on your table. There’s quite a selection and I’m sure you will enjoy trying the different dishes.

We did start with the appetizers and salads and when we finished them, we were thinking of how we can actually go through the main course. The starters were served fresh and were delicious and were definitely filling.

I have learned that they used to serve it buffet-style but then knowing that Japanese food most of the time have raw components and the bacteria will easily be acquired if you leave it on display for too long, they decided to prepare the food as they were ordered. This is a really good move because by doing this, they can maintain the freshness and the high quality of the dishes.

Next up was the Sushi and Maki selection which were nothing short of amazing. They presented it nicely and it tasted exactly as how I wanted it to taste.

We told them to wait for a bit before serving the main courses as we were really stuffed by this time. We ordered some drinks in between to help digest the food and we were impressed with how the drinks tasted too.

When the main courses were served, they were piping hot and they were so appetizing we forgot we were actually full. And since there were three of us, I was able to try all three main courses and we even tried the black cod which was really really good.

Also, during the night, there was a live band playing some soothing renditions of the current hits. I believe they have theme nights every night and you may check the complete listing here.

Overall, I really liked the dining experience and  Monday Night Feast concept at Sho Cho. I feel like since it’s Japanese cuisine, you don’t really feel bloated even if you eat more than you should. I loved their food and the ambiance and the impeccable service by their staff. It definitely is still one of the most happening places in Dubai and where the ‘cool kids’ would want to hang out and be seen.

If you haven’t been, I think now is the time to visit. Sho Cho has made Japanese food more accessible to people who are not too adventurous with their palate by giving them the option to try some wonderful Japanese delicacies without the hesitation of eating something raw and I think they have succeeded in doing so.

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