Sugar Factory

I know I have a sweet tooth and there’s always this desire to eat something sweet especially the cakes, pastries, smoothies and candies. As a matter of fact, I don’t end a meal without the staple ice cream or a slice of cake so just imagine my excitement when I found out that a Sugar Factory branch is finally opening in Dubai!

Sugar Factory an American Brasserie from the US famous for its mouthwatering menu which is broken into several sections including a wide variety of pizzas, burgers, pastas, salads, seafood, sandwiches and more. The celebrated strip side eatery is well known for its candy goblets, monster shakes and a selection of the brand’s signature treats and merchandise, including the world-famous Couture Pops.

It is also popular because of the number of celebrities who have tried and liked it including the Kardashians, Will.I.Am, LL Cool J, Orlando Bloom, Vanessa Hudgens, Mel B and Drake to name a few. Currently, they have 2 branches in Dubai and we visited the one in Citywalk.

As we entered the place, we of course saw the huge black wall adorned with framed pictures of the celebrities enjoying their Sugar Factory treats. It was pretty busy and a staple order on every table was the goblet so I made sure that we also tried that one. Most of the crowd were youngsters and everyone were taking pictures as their food were served as they were all Instagram-worthy.

When we were seated, we looked at the menu and I was surprised to see that they are serving actual “real” food because I thought that it is a dessert place. Anyway, I was happy to know that and so we started with ordering the goblets and the sampler platter. It included buffalo wings, onion rings, mac and cheese balls and chicken strips.

We also tried their sliders that came with fries. I must admit that considering the fact that they are more popularly known for the sweets and treats, I really liked their savory offerings as well.

We tried more food and this time, ordered meatball spaghetti, noodles with shrimp and the turkey & ham crepe. They are really delicious and my advice if you’re going for the food as well, is to leave a lot of space and don’t drink a lot if you’re having the goblet too.

Their service has to be commended as our orders were served really fast and the waiters were well informed about the products and knew what to recommend based on our cravings. I can also say that the portions are big enough for sharing and the prices are reasonable.

I think the biggest misconception about Sugar Factory is that since it’s a favorite celebrity hangout, the prices tend to be on the expensive side. That is absolutely not true because they were really affordable. For example, pancakes are priced at around AED38 – AED 44 and the sampler platter is at AED55 only. I really think you can get the utmost value for your money at this restaurant.

Anyway, after resting for a bit, we ordered the monster shake because of course, we need to try their specialty. For starters, it’s huge and heavy and had a slider and a strip of bacon and the glass was covered with chocolate and pretzels that you can also eat. It’s my kind of shake and I certainly enjoyed it.

We also tried their Nutella crepe with banana and of course, my favorite ice cream. To say that it is sweet and delicious would be an understatement as I honestly loved it.

Overall, I genuinely enjoyed the Sugar Factory dining experience. I like the place, the interior design and what they did with the pictures of the celebrities. I love the comfortable furniture, the efficient service and of course, the scrumptious food and the sweet treats. It’s definitely worthy of praise and is one of the restaurants that I will come back to whenever I’m in the area.

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