Flow Café, Jumeirah Emirates Towers

“Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy”

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I have always lived by this quote and most of the time I would think of the fact that I should start eating healthy even though I don’t get sick or at least rarely. So one morning I searched for restaurants in Dubai that are serving only healthy food and I found Flow and decided to try their food.

Located in the Boulevard area of the Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Flow is a brand-new initiative conceptualized by Emirates Youth Council and developed by Jumeirah Restaurant Group. It is a healthy eating and creative hub inspiring Dubai’s tomorrow through stimulating design, revolutionary conversation and energizing, nourishing food.

Backed by His Highness Sheikh Maktoum himself, Flow is dedicated to crafting and sourcing healthy, natural, feel-good products designed to fuel and energize. Just look at all these healthy products that they are offering.

We paid them a visit on a Friday morning and the restaurant was quite busy with diners working on their laptops or reading the newspaper. As I entered this open café, I saw some inspirational design, with some quotes from Dubai’s ruler.

I was told that Flow influences its customers to achieve optimal ‘flow’ and create the best possible version of themselves by taking inspiration from like-minded individuals, sharing ideas and working together to foster progressive development. That is really quite impressive.

I roamed around the place and saw this area of books by Sheikh Maktoum that are available for reading and I also saw the one and only milk tap in the UAE. It’s really cool and perfect for breakfast lovers like me.

We then proceeded to order our food and we were helped by their very knowledgeable waitress aptly named Happy. She recommended their bestsellers and she told us that we can indulge because everything is absolutely healthy and no preservatives whatsoever. And I obviously liked the sound of that.

So we ordered eggs benedict, french toast, shakshuka, sliders, prawns, and chicken. We also tried their acai pots and fresh juices.

What I liked the most was the eggs benedict as it was prepared in a different way. The eggs are placed on top of the croissant and were presented very nicely. It was too pretty to be eaten, I thought.

I also love their colorful sliders not only because they looked good in the pictures but because they tasted great as well. And the rest of the food is highly recommended too.

One thing that surprised me though was that almost everything was low priced and definitely inexpensive. I believe that it’s the one thing that turns off diners who wants to live a healthy life.

When you think about it, veggies and fruits are more expensive than fast-food burgers. So that leaves us no choice but to eat the latter. Good thing that’s not the case with Flow as the food is really affordable.

We ended our meal with their sugar-free ice cream, red velvet, carrot cake, and sorbet. For the first time, I had no guilt feeling after eating the desserts and I still felt light after the meal.

To conclude, I think the café is perfect for everyone looking for a quiet place to do their work and for anyone craving for healthy but tasty food. I loved it and if my place was close to them, I would probably be there every day. I believe everyone should put Flow on their must-try list of restaurants and I bet it will also be one of your favorites.

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  1. I work in Emirates Towers so this is actually my go-to place to eat lunch, it’s pretty great but you have to go after the regular lunch hours since it’s the whole building’s go-to place.

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