Bombay Bungalow

How many Indian restaurants have I tried since I arrived in Dubai? Far too many I think that I lost count already. And Bombay Bungalow just happens to be the latest addition to that long list of fantastic Indian restaurants that I would recommend. Why may you ask? Read on…

Bombay Bungalow, formerly known as “House of Curry” is the newly rebranded restaurant at the Beach in JBR. It transcends the traditional Indian dining experience and transports you to the streets of modern India while you feast on some lip-smacking delights prepared by their renowned chefs.

Entering the restaurant feels like entering somewhere familiar, like your grandma’s house or a friend’s place. The interior design is just amazing. Let’s start with the fact that there is an actual real tree inside and a small fountain. The rustic design is so homey you just might want to stay there all day. There’s even a comfy swinging couch outside and it’s just perfect for lounging.

We were welcomed by the staff as we came in and immediately offered water and something to drink as it was really hot outside. We ordered some coolers to start and they were perfect.

When we finally cooled down, we asked for their recommendations on what to order for the starters. They gave us some suggestions and we had the Raita tray which includes fresh yoghurt dip prepared in front of us customized with some choice ingredients and served with some crispy roasted papadum.

We also had the more traditional appetizers like the roti roll prawns, onion bhatia and corn & sprouted mung chaat and although I don’t always have them, I liked how they tasted.

Now for the mains, I can say that out of all the Indian dishes, my favorite would have to be the butter chicken. In our country, it looks different but I like the Indian version more. And to be really honest, I believe the Bombay Bungalow style of butter chicken just might be the best and it really is a must-try.

We also had the Ghee Roast Coconut crabs that I finished all by myself because it was just unbelievably good and we also tried their biryani.

I know I usually say that the food is good but it really is. This has got to be the tastiest food I have ever had and the flavors were just bursting in every single dish that I tried.

And then talking about the service. I have to say that they should all be commended as they were all attentive to the point that they refill your water for you so you don’t have to actually touch the bottle and pour it yourself.

Regarding the prices, I believe they are reasonable and moderately priced considering the quality and the taste of the food that they are serving. The chefs also go out from time to time to check on the diners and ask for some feedback.

All in all, I think we spent around 3-4 hours in the restaurant eating as much food as we could. They were really good and honestly, if I’m ever in JBR again, I will definitely go to Bombay Bungalow just to be sure I’m eating great food coupled with impeccable service. I urge you to try it too and  I’m sure this homegrown brand will fulfill your craving for good quality Modern Indian food.

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