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“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”

Have you ever heard of this quote? I think every day when I’m about to eat my first meal of the day, I remember this. For me, it is true for the simple reason that you can use the energy for the whole day and you don’t need to eat a lot at night because you will only sleep.

And I try to really eat a sumptuous breakfast to fuel me for the rest of the day so one Saturday morning, I decided to go to one of the most famous breakfast places in Dubai which is Fumé.

So recently, there has been a buzz on social media and a lot of people that I am following on Instagram were raving about how good their breakfast dishes were so I decided to try it for myself.

Fümé, located on the 1st floor of Pier 7 in Dubai Marina features uncomplicated yet delicious food with a menu from across the globe, where the dishes are based on comfort food with a sharing concept.

As you enter the restaurant, you will be fascinated by the clean decor and their interior design which according to them was inspired by industrial, vintage influences along with purposely mismatched flatware, unique pieces of artwork and striking chandeliers, all made from a variety of interesting materials.

Their menu, however, is inspired by tales of epicurean adventures throughout Europe, North and South-East Asia, where a passion for the Asian style of balancing sweet, salty, sour and spicy flavors are incorporated into European style dishes.

We decided to ask for their recommendations and I’m glad that the waiter who assisted us was very knowledgeable about their products. I told him I wanted something savory so he suggested their famous beef bacon Benedict which is poached eggs on a brioche bun with spinach and dill hollandaise.

We also tried the popular Fumé pan which includes two fried eggs, real hash browns, mushrooms, chicken sausage, smoked veal bacon, slow roasted tomatoes with baked beans and sourdough.

The Beach Board, although tasted good is probably my least favorite and it includes house smoked salmon, bresaola chorizo, stracciatella, basil, pesto, avocado, soft boiled egg, and sourdough.

For something sweet, he recommended the Chia seed pudding with coconut yogurt and mascarpone, seasonal fruits and strawberry sauce

Of course, I have to order my favorite granola and theirs is a homemade one with Greek yogurt, mixed berries, and fresh organic honeycomb

For the dessert, we tried the homemade waffles with mixed berries, whipped cream, and syrup and their most popular dessert, the lotus pancake. Seriously, if you can order only one thing on the menu, make sure it’s this one.

All in all, the taste was a little above average. I can not say that it is the best because it’s not and there is still room for improvement but it definitely is something that the diners will love. From the presentation to the texture to the actual taste and even the price, their breakfast offering is something worth coming back to. I actually won’t mind if I go have breakfast here every weekend because the place is nice, you have a nice view of the marina and the service and quality is just plain wonderful.

My only advice for you if you’re coming to this place is to make sure that you ask for recommendations from their servers as they would know what to offer you based on your cravings. I was totally satisfied with my breakfast, it was very filling and I didn’t think of something heavy for the rest of the day. I would absolutely recommend Fumé for your breakfast needs and probably lunch and dinner too. (but I have to try those first)

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