Turkish cuisine is slowly gaining popularity in Dubai recently. When I first came here 5 years ago, I believe there wasn’t even one restaurant serving this kind of cuisine except for the small eateries that you can find in the old part of Dubai.

Thankfully, with the increasing demand for great food and the huge competition among the restaurants, the f&b operators are gradually bringing the popular brands into this part of the world and Gunaydin is the latest addition to that.

Established in 1965, Günaydın began as a small butcher shop in İstanbul’s Bostanci neighborhood and became Turkey’s unequivocal leading meat brand ever since. Günaydın has been the leader of innovation and diversity in the sector since its foundation.

Starting the Steakhouse restaurant concept to showcase its craftsmanship with the most delicious high-quality meats, Günaydın has become the most trustworthy address with over 40 successful restaurants and steakhouses in Turkey.

Being the pioneer brand of the Steakhouse concept in Turkey, Günaydın expands its regional reach with its first ever UAE outlet in Souk Al Bahar’s international selection of premium dining options and boutiques. I love the interior design of the place and how they arranged everything to make it easy on the eyes. I love the sections where you see all the fresh meat and the section for the bread and for concoctions.

Günaydın provides a unique Steak and Kebab experience for its guests by combining its rich flavors with the authentic architecture. One thing I liked the most was the fast service and it’s as if they have anticipated what we liked and we really didn’t wait for a long time for the food to be served.

Their menu is presented nicely on an iPad complete with pictures and description. I appreciated that because most of the names of the dishes are either hard to pronounce or I have totally no clue what it is. It made it easier for me to just show the picture to the waiter and they already know what it is.

And as I have mentioned, they move really quickly in this restaurant. They have a lot of staff and everyone is just efficient so we were served our food just minutes after we ordered them.

Forgive me but it was really hard to take note of the names of the food especially when they serve them to you and you can just smell the meaty goodness.

I suggest you just look at the pictures below and if you’re going to try it for yourself, it’s a good idea to show them these as a reference. You can never go wrong with any of these as they are all really good. There wasn’t a dish that I didn’t like from what we ordered.

To cap off our dinner, we ordered this famous dessert called Katmer, which is Antep crispy backed pastry filled with pistachio served with vanilla ice cream. It’s a nice way to end a super heavy meat-filled meal. We tried their tea as well and it probably is one of the best that I have tried so far.

In conclusion, Gunaydin offers a wonderful dining experience to its guests. It’s a bonus that it’s set in the beautiful Souk Al Bahar and that it sits on the waterfront promenade. Guests are not only treated to a spectacular view of the world-famous Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa, they are also treated to I believe one of the best food in the metro.

Gunaydin gets a seal of approval from me and I can definitely vouch for the service and the quality at this restaurant. Meat lover or not, you need to try this hands down one of the best Turkish restaurants in the city.

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