Qasr Al Sultan

Sultan is a noble title with several historical meanings. Originally, it was an Arabic abstract noun meaning “strength”, “authority”, “rulership”, derived from the verbal noun sulṭah, meaning “authority” or “power”. Later, it came to be used as the title of certain rulers who claimed almost full sovereignty in practical terms.

So what does it mean to be a Sultan or to live like one? I think simply put, it’s experiencing the finer things in life.

Coined after that exact term, Qasr Al Sultan is a dining destination set within the desert with a goal to welcome visitors to explore the ‘Life of a Sultan’. As a matter of fact, it’s not just a dining destination as there are several activities that you can do when you enter the area.

Guests will be immersed in the rich history and traditions of the region, experiencing a selection of traditional performances, a grand food bazaar, live cooking stations, and an authentic souk, all offering the ultimate in Arabian hospitality.

We came to visit on a Thursday night to try their massive buffet offering. Priced at AED250 just for the summer, the extensive spreads offer everything from the traditional Arabic food all the way to some Turkish sweets and French desserts.

The food I must say was kind of average with the exception of some dishes that were really flavorful. I would recommend the grilled dishes as they were served piping hot or at least stayed warm when I got some for myself. It’s a nice place to take your visitors or even your friends who are craving for some Arabic food.

They even have private seating areas for when you want an intimate meal with the family or friends or you can also try the shisha lounge for a true taste of Arabia.

I believe the main selling point here is the show. The place is very lively with entertainment provided by the band and performances of the belly dancer, tanura and their own resident performers.

Some parts of the show include performances that highlight the Arabic culture and I did learn a thing or two from the presentation.

They also have a museum where you can learn more about the country’s history and practices.

There’s also a mini library with English and Arabic books available for anyone interested to read.

They even have a camel here and you can ride it for a photo op free of charge and there’s also the famous Falcon that you can hold for a great Instagram-worthy shot.

Parents with their children in tow can also avail of the baby sitting service inside Qasr Al Sultan. They can leave their kids at the playground and they will be taken cared of by the staff so they too can enjoy the show.

All in all, the Qasr Al Sultan experience made me feel like I stepped back in time to an era where it all began…where luxury and Arabian hospitality were one and the same, where visitors from all across the seven seas traveled for days just for a glimpse into the glorious life at the sultan’s palace.

I can compare this to the desert safari experience except that this is about ten times better and more luxurious than the regular desert safari show and food. I believe that it’s more than just a meal, at the end of it all, it’s like getting a glimpse of what it’s like being a Sultan and I think it’s a decent and nice experience.

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  1. The guy with the skirt is called Tanura not tandura haha. I love these shows though, definitely want to come here, but seems like it would be better when the whether gets better.

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