The Vintage Room

The Vintage Room is a fine dining restaurant serving authentic Italian and Indian cuisine and is located at the Century Plaza in Jumeirah.

I came to visit on a week night when they are not too busy and as soon as I entered, I noticed the gold and brown hues used to spruce up the whole restaurant. The place is not too big but not too small either and I love the gold pieces adorning each of the tables and how they designed it to separate the tables and to make it look like each one is a private dining area.

Looking at the menu, I saw that they have a lot to offer guests. It’s a good thing their manager came to help us out with the food choices as even though I’ve tried a lot of Indian restaurants, I still want to go for what they’re best known for.

He suggested we try the Bruschetta al Pomodoro which is a slice of baguette with chopped tomatoes, basil leaves, and balsamic dressing. It was good and the bread was perfect.

We also tried the Potato al Arrabiata which is potato cubes, arrabbiata sauce and rosemary leaves. It’s just like the regular potato wedges except this one is more flavorful and a bit spicy.

And then we had the Tandoor Paneer Tikka which is cottage cheese flavored with yoghurt and home made spices. This one is great and is highly recommended by me.

Last for the starters is the Tandoori Tiger Prawns. It was perfect because firstly it was grilled and also because the flavors are just bursting and it’s not too spicy for me.

For the mains, we had the gnocchi so we have a bit of Italian and we also tried the Country Style Chicken Roast and Fish Moilee.

The Gnocchi and chicken were just ok but I really loved the Fish Moilee because the flavor of the coconut was so obvious and it was nostalgic because I remembered a dish that was really my favorite back home.

We also ordered some mocktails and they were just fine, tastes good but nothing special.

In between all the food and drinks, they have a pianist playing some soothing melodies and it was a really nice addition to the already great dining experience.

When it comes to the service, I believe this is the part where they can improve on because I think they need to be more attentive. For example, when they served the water, the waiter did not pour it in our glass and he didn’t even open the bottle for us. And to be honest, I’m not being critical but in other fine dining restaurants, they almost don’t let the customers do anything related to serving the food – they will pour the water for you, serve the food on your plate and make sure that you are fully satisfied with the service.

Also, I noticed that they keep on forgetting to bring new cutlery when they served the mains for example and the desserts. But these are just minor and can easily be fixed from their part.

Overall, the dining experience at The Vintage Room was nice but I think they can reevaluate the service and enhance the presentation. There are some dishes that I believe can be presented even better to make it more appetizing and also, they can probably make better use of the dry ice. Just because it has smoke doesn’t mean it will look amazing, the presentation should be perfect every time, all the time. I’m talking about this kulfi dessert that doesn’t look good at all.

But everything else considered I would definitely recommend it if you’re after great tasting Indian food. I have to say I really enjoyed the food, there are just some minor issues that I hope they improve on and I can’t wait to come back and be wowed.

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