Craft Café

When I hear the word “craft”, the one thing that comes to my mind is skill and expertise and the phrase, “perfecting the craft”.  I think that Craft Café proves to be just that because they’re all about perfection as I’ve experienced.

We visited the restaurant on a Saturday afternoon specifically because we heard that the place gets really busy during weekdays and I’m afraid I can’t take proper pictures with too many people around.

When we came, it was pretty busy with around 5-6 tables occupied. I would describe the place as airy and the lighting was perfect for me. It was bright and inviting, just how I want it.

We were welcomed by one of their staff and were guided to our table and we were given the menu soon after. Their menu didn’t have too many options but if you have been following me and my blog for quite some time, you would know that I’m not a fan of overwhelming food options. I appreciate a meticulously selected menu with just the best dishes rather than pages and pages of crap.

So we selected the dishes that we thought would be good but they were so confident to say that we would like anything on the menu so we trusted them. Since we were really hungry, we didn’t bother to order starters first before the mains, we just ordered everything that we wanted and asked them to serve them all together.

We started with some refreshing drinks though as it was really hot outside before we came in. The drinks were ok, not too sweet and I think can still be improved. I mean, I believe they are all fresh that’s why they’re not too sweet but it’s just my preference.

Now on to the food… We ordered the crafty omelet whipped up with goat cheese, the duck salad, a bowl of acai, quinoa risotto, avocado on toast, grilled prawns, crispy duck bao buns and the royal eggs with chorizo on the side.

I don’t think there’s a need to mention how good each dish was but if you’re going to visit, make sure that you order the duck salad, the risotto, and the bao buns. That’s because the salad was really tasty and healthy at the same time so no guilt feeling here. The Bao buns because I like how they served them on a board so plus points for being IG worthy and it keeps it warm somehow. And lastly, the risotto because they didn’t use the normal rice and instead used quinoa so it’s definitely something new to the palate.

I honestly think that you will like every single dish on the menu so regardless, you can just pick and choose with your eyes closed and still would receive delicious food.

One thing that I really liked was that the prices of the food were absolutely affordable. I mean let’s be honest, we all are anxious about trying new restaurants because they might be expensive but I’m glad to say that with this restaurant, you’re definitely getting the best value for your money.

The staff is also well informed about the products and it’s now the one factor that I always look for when dining anywhere. I need the staff to be knowledgeable and know the menu like the back of their hand. I just hate it when you ask them and they don’t know the answer and tell you they will ask the chef. It’s a good thing we didn’t experience it here.

We then ended our very nice meal with two desserts, spicy chocolate fondant, and the hot apple crumble. The fondant was interesting because it’s spicy but I tried it, of course, and it tasted amazing. I’m not really a fan of anything spicy or chocolate that’s dark but I must say, I really enjoyed this dessert. The hot apple crumble was really hot when served and the vanilla ice cream complemented it really well.

To sum up, I loved the experience at Craft Café. The decor, food and the service were excellent and it’s a place that I will definitely recommend and go back to from time to time. It’s a nice area to hang out with friends, do a little bit of work, probably write a blog post and just overall chill and relax. If you’re looking for a restaurant that offers healthy and tasty food with a nice ambiance, then this is definitely one of those. Trust me, they’ve perfected the craft.

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