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Sass Café is one of the most sophisticated and elegant restaurants I have ever been to in Dubai. An institution in Monaco, the Dubai counterpart runs in the same way. When you’re early, it’s quiet but as the night goes on, it transforms into a different party venue with music from the DJ and different kinds of performers.

Entering the restaurant, one can’t help but be mesmerized by the gorgeous interior design from the chandeliers to the intricate pieces on the walls, the beautiful bar and the comfortable and classy furniture.

We visited on a Thursday night and we were too early that we stayed at the bar for a few minutes to have some drinks before proceeding to our table.

Just to set your expectations on the setup of the whole place, I noticed that the couch and the tables I think are too close to each other. When I first saw it, I asked myself “is it really supposed to be that close?” But then, later on, I actually didn’t mind the proximity at all, I felt like everyone was just invited to this huge party and we’re supposed to be friendly with each other and I actually liked it. And aside from the bar and the main dining area, they also have another section upstairs and an outdoor dining one which will open when summer ends.

Anyway, we came here for the food, of course, and I wanted to see how they fared compared to the other restaurants. They are well known for serving French and Mediterranean staples and since I am not very well versed in either of the cuisines, I asked for a recommendation from the wait staff.

J-mar who has been working at the restaurant for almost 3 years helped us with some suggestions on what to have for that night. We started with a beef carpaccio and tiger prawns. Both are great and for someone who doesn’t fancy anything raw, I have to say I really liked it.

For the mains, we ordered the Linguine aux Fruits de Mer or simply the seafood linguine with olive oil, parsley, and garlic. It was luscious and I found it to have the right amount of cream and they’re very generous with the seafood.

The next one is the Filet be Bœuf Rossini which is tenderloin with foie gras, morels, and black truffles. I specifically love this dish because it combines two of my favorites, tenderloin and foie gras in one. I’ve tried foie gras in other restaurants and for some reason, they are not able to get it right. The good thing with the Sass version though is that it complemented the tenderloin really well. The meat was tender, no effort needed in slicing and the truffles were the bonus ingredient that completed the experience.

All throughout the night, we were really enjoying the vibes and the buzz around the restaurant. The entertainment started at around 10:30 when the 1920’s inspired live band played soothing tunes and charmed the guests.

We ended our meal with the profiteroles and their version of Pavlova with fresh fruits. Both were luscious but my only gripe would have to be that the profiteroles should have been a bit smaller than what they serve right now. It was nice nonetheless and is definitely recommended.

All in all, I loved the whole experience at Sass Café. It was a lot of fun starting from the time we walked the red carpet leading to the restaurant to the whole dining experience to the impeccable service, beautiful people everywhere and the lively atmosphere of the place. Some of the dishes may be a bit expensive so I suggest you ask for some recommendations prior to ordering. I was completely satisfied though with what we had for the night and I’m looking forward to trying their brunch as I heard it’s more fun. If I had fun on a regular day, I just can’t imagine how much more fun a brunch at Sass Café would be.

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