Hala Lebanese Organic

Hala Lebanese Organic is a restaurant located at the Convention Tower of the Dubai World Trade Centre that offers a variety of breakfast favourites ranging from organic shakshuka to Hala’s variety of hummus fusions, with ingredients sourced from Lebanon to Jordan as well as local organic producers.

We came to visit on a Saturday morning because I know that it would be quiet and I would be able to take pictures without being interrupted. That’s because their clientele is mostly the employees working in the building or the visitors of trade shows and events so weekends are generally not a busy time for them.

As I entered the restaurant, I saw that they have a section where they sell a lot of organic goodies and healthy stuff imported from Lebanon. They have chips, essential oils, chickpeas, herbs, spices and basically anything that you might need to prepare delicious food at home.

The dining area is divided into two with the main one for non-smoking diners and the other one for clients who smoke and prefer a bit of privacy. We opted to sit in the smoking area because it’s much more comfortable and no one is smoking anyway.

I then looked at the menu and saw the familiar Lebanese and Levantine specialities from fattoush salad to hummus to the mixed grill that I always order whenever I visit an Arabic place.

We asked for some recommendations and then settled for starters that include beetroot hummus, salad, moutabal, falafel, tabbouleh and the staple piping hot, Arabic bread.

To be honest, I was expecting it to be good and flavorful but I was surprised to know that it tasted even better than what I expected. They have the eggplant dish that goes really well with the bread and the pinkish beetroot hummus was a nice surprise.

For the mains, we tried the soon to be launched chicken liver that’s reasonably priced at AED32 and the Hala grilled platter and we had some potatoes on the side. I don’t usually like eating liver because it leaves a bitter aftertaste in my mouth but this one is different. I like what they did with it because the bitterness level was only around 10 out of 100.

And as expected, the grilled platter was cooked and served to my liking. The meat was tender and juicy at the same time and I really enjoyed it.

One thing that stood out for me though was the attentive service and the fast preparation of our food. We ordered like 10 minutes ago and before we knew it, the waiters were already coming to our table to serve the food. It was something that I really appreciate especially if you come to a restaurant famished.

We ended our meal with the simple and traditional Lebanese dessert called Mhalabiye and I love the fact that it was yummy and filling and smelled really nice.

Overall, I loved dining at Hala Organic. First, because of the food, second, because of the place and lastly, because of the efficient service. As a matter of fact, I loved it so much that I came back just the day after I visited to have lunch and I ordered the same thing and was fully satisfied.

Hala Lebanese Organic is one of those places where if you crave for Lebanese food, you’ll definitely get what you imagined you will get and more. It’s definitely highly recommended and a clear suggestion for when you’re in the Trade Centre area.

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