Blackberry KeyOne Review

The Blackberry KeyOne is one of the most gorgeous phones I have ever seen in a long time. To be perfectly honest, I’m not a fan of physical keyboards since I have been a loyal iPhone user when it launched in 2007. But still, I had my share of the old Blackberry models and I quite liked how they worked.

Fast forward to 2017 and we have this gorgeous new model from Blackberry. When I got it and I opened the box, it definitely felt like a premium phone. I love the build quality and the perfect fit on my hand made me feel like I’m holding an item that’s really really expensive.

I was actually wondering how good (or bad) it will work and how the physical keyboard can make a difference considering the fact that I haven’t used one for ages. But to my surprise, the operation was seamless and I was astonished that you can actually use the keyboard to scroll as well. It doubles as a trackpad so it works both ways, press, and tap.

For the first time as well (at least, for me), I can now touch the screen just like a regular smartphone. It was so nice to be able to do that because the old Blackberry models relied on the physical cursors on the keypad to be able to move from one place to another.

Unlike the previous models, the Blackberry KeyOne is surprisingly fast and can handle multiple apps without a lag. I tried using the camera, then listen to some music, send emails and check social media posts and I was able to switch from one app to the next perfectly.

One thing Blackberries are most famous for is their ability to handle emails well. Since I have a lot of email accounts, personal and work-related, I decided to check my work emails solely using the KeyOne and I must say that it has worked consistently having tried it for almost a week now. There’s quite a selection of mail apps that you can download in the Play Store as well but I’m quite happy just using the stock Gmail app.

When it comes to media files, I didn’t have a problem copying my songs from my library to the phone. All I had to do was plug the phone into my computer, download the handy Android File Transfer program and it was as easy as copying and pasting files. I copied songs and movies and it was super easy.

One thing that I also like about the phone is the camera. For a small phone like this, I didn’t really expect such clear images and stable videos. Just look at the sample shots that I took below and decide for yourself. For me, it’s pretty impressive, especially for night shots.

I use Google Photos to sort my pictures and the KeyOne has been taking on the tasks smoothly. I upload a lot of pictures on a daily basis and I love how it’s presented in the app and how easy it is to find a picture on the phone. Google Photos on the Blackberry KeyOne is a joy to use and it’s completely free as well.

Overall, with more than a week of usage of the Blackberry KeyOne, I have to say I really like it and I have no complaints whatsoever. Everything has worked seamlessly and just how I perceived it and I like the bit of nostalgia that it brings whenever I use the keyboard. I believe that more than just a work phone, it’s also a fun phone to have and if you’re looking for a sturdy and premium phone that won’t break the bank but will handle the tasks decently, then you can’t go wrong with the Blackberry KeyOne.

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