Basta! by David Myers

Basta is the city’s newest Italian restaurant at the equally brand new and stunning Renaissance Downtown Hotel in Dubai. It is the brainchild of the world-renowned chef David Myers (who I just have to say was very nice and accommodating when I met him at the launch of the hotel).

Anyway, as we entered, I was in awe of the seriously stylish space and the high ceiling and you can never miss the beautiful painting on the wall that I saw has been used as the backdrop for many Instagram posts. It was spacious and airy and was comfortable enough to stay at for hours. They also have a nice dining area outside with a view of the canal and is very relaxing.

While preparing to order, they gave us some complimentary bread to start with and we asked for their recommendations since it’s our first time. The waiter was knowledgeable enough to give us a few suggestions.

We then ordered food and we began by having these antipasti including the salmon and their version of burrata. I loved it because you can really taste the freshness and it’s what I had imagined it to be before ordering.

We also tried their beef carpaccio and coming from someone who doesn’t like raw food that much, I really loved this one.

We, however, tried the grilled calamari which was different from the calamari that we are used to. This one didn’t impress me at all because it was a bit rubbery and I would suggest not to order this one until they re-engineer it.

We moved on to the mains and of course, since it’s an Italian restaurant, a pasta and pizza is a must. We tried two kinds and loved them both. I have a feeling that it’s simple to make but the distinctive taste must have been from the authentic ingredients and the way it was cooked. It was honestly that good, and I would definitely come back even just for that.

Their cocktails are also delicious and are priced just right. I also like their staff because I believe they are genuinely passionate about their job, they are happy and it shows. They took very good care of us during the whole night and I see them talking to the guests like they’re friends so it’s a good thing.

We finished our meal with some of the famous Italian desserts like the Roscioli tiramisu and the chocolate truffle cannoli. Both were somewhat traditional but the taste had that “Basta” twist to it.

Overall, the Basta dining experience was one of the good ones that I have tried so far. That is because it was nice from start to finish from the moment we entered up to the time that we left. The staff were all so pleasant and so was the music and the vibe, not to mention the superb food and presentation. I believe in this restaurant’s potential and even though, there’s one item that I didn’t like, Basta is still definitely one of the restaurants that I can recommend and you can too, to your friends and I’m sure that they won’t be disappointed.

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