Simply Italian

Simply Italian is a casual dining restaurant located at the Club Vista Mare shoreline apartments in Palm Jumeirah. The place is massive with a stylish and sophisticated dining space indoors and a nice outdoor dining area by the beach as well.

Before visiting, I thought to myself “with so many Italian restaurants opening up here and there,  just how can a new one survive and compete with the more established ones?”

So I made it a mission to check and see for myself if this new place was worth our time or not. We visited the restaurant on a Wednesday night when it’s not supposed to be busy but we were surprised to see that it was almost at full capacity. Outdoor dining was in demand with guests hoping they can get a table outside and were willing to wait just to be seated.

We sat and we began to order. Just like the standard procedure in any good restaurant, they offered us a complimentary bread to start with and asked if we wanted still or sparkling water. We then ordered some appetizers and opted for the not so familiar ones to see if we would like it or not.

First up was this beef tartare with hazelnut, cacao, and black truffle. It’s different from the other versions that I’ve tried it before because it looks as raw as it can get but it tastes amazing.

We also had the Fritto Misto which is seafood and vegetable in tempura style. I highly recommend this one and I think just one serving is not enough (at least for me). I hope they add more per order.

Last of the appetizer was this seabass carpaccio that not only won me over with the taste, the presentation was also unique. So far, all the dishes that were served to us were wiped clean because it’s just that good.

For the mains, we opted first for the Ravioli Ripieno di Burrata which is a homemade ravioli stuffed with burrata. I believe this is considered as a vegetarian dish but even with the lack of meat, I absolutely enjoyed it.

Another one is the Branzino in Crosta or seabags in a purple potato crust with saffron sauce. This is so unique to me and just writing about it now is making me crave for it again. It’s cooked perfectly with the right amount of crisp for the fish and the potato crust.

And lastly, why go to an Italian restaurant if you won’t try their pizza so we did. We tried their suggested signature one and it did complete the main courses for us.

I told myself that I would cut down on eating but the food in here is just so good, I decided I will just start tomorrow. And since we didn’t have space for desserts anymore, we just opted to try their classic Tiramisu to finish a nice meal. It was great and was just how it’s supposed to be.

To sum it up, we had a really great meal at Simply Italian. I love the atmosphere, the attentive staff but most importantly, I fell in love with the food and the presentation. They presented everything so well that it didn’t take a long time for me to get good shots and I was able to eat warm food for a change.   

Now I know that even with a hundred Italian restaurants around, this one is a must-visit and I definitely am coming back to this place hopefully to try their brunch because I’ve heard some great feedback about it as well.

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