Wearhaus Arc Headphones

Wearhaus Arc is one the most feature-packed wireless headphones I have ever seen since this technology was introduced.

When I first saw them, I was already impressed with the build quality and the weight and how it fit perfectly in my ears. I love how it looked and was curious to find out how it sounds.

As soon as I opened it, I was so excited to see how it would fare compared to its competitors. I have tried a lot of headphones and most of them are either not comfortable when worn for a long time or I’m not satisfied with the audio quality.

With Wearhaus, they solved these two problems of mine. I love that even if I wear it for hours, it doesn’t feel heavy at all. The audio quality was also amazing and you can hear every instrument clearly and it’s as if the singer is singing beside your ear. The headphones deliver clean and crisp highs and you can feel the rich bass thumping.

One of the features that are unique to Wearhaus is the touch control and the customizable lights. To be honest, I don’t need the lights but the fact that it’s there and it looks great has always been a conversation starter for me. The touch-sensitive panel is also very intuitive that a simple swipe of your finger is enough to easily control playback and adjust the volume.

The battery life is also one of the longest I have ever seen on wireless earphones. Sometimes, I would play music for hours and just leave it there and the next time I use it, there’s still a lot of juice left.

I also like the built-in microphone and how easy it is to connect to my phone and other mp3 players. It’s so smart that it remembers your phone and connects to it automatically as soon as you put it on. If you feel traditional, you can also use the audio cable included for wired listening.

I believe the greatest strength of the Wearhaus Arc headphones is its ability to connect wirelessly to my laptop. I have dreamed of this feature for the longest time and for it to actually come alive and to be able to use it seamlessly was the biggest selling point for me.

I would be happy to connect cheap sounding earphones to my laptop wirelessly but to have a great sounding one like Wearhaus connect to it is the icing on the cake. I would definitely highly recommend it to anyone most especially to audiophiles like me.

Overall, I have to say that impressive would be an understatement to describe the Wearhaus Arc headphones. Considering that they are new to the industry doesn’t discount the fact that they have created one of the best value for your money wireless headphones out there.

If you’re looking to purchase new headphones or you’re not satisfied with the one that you have now, the Wearhaus Arc would be your best bet.

For more information or if you want to purchase yours, you may visit www.wearhaus.com

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