The Croft BBQ Saturdays

The Croft is a homegrown and local restaurant inside the Dubai Marriott Harbour in the Marina area. The concept of the restaurant is to source locally grown produce and use organic products whenever possible to showcase the flavors and support local producers.

The place is located on the terrace on the 5th floor of the Dubai Marriott Harbour overlooking the beautiful waters and the numerous yachts in the Marina.

Their menu offers classic dishes cooked with modern techniques but we came to visit because of the BBQ Saturdays promo. It’s basically a feast filled with an appetizing selection of BBQ food ranging from seafood and meats.

As we entered, we were greeted by their staff who guided us on the way to the cozy terrace. The weather was perfect and it was very relaxing.

They explained the concept to us and it is a Γ  la carte menu with a special Happy Hour pricing all day. So we ordered the Feast for 2, additional Tiger prawns and Welsh Lamb Chops.

Before indulging on the mains, we ordered two kinds of salad which were absolutely delicious. We had the chicken caesar salad which was supposed to be basic but then turned out really good. When it was served, I thought it needed more dressing but when I tried it, I realized how perfect it was because it had the right amount of everything. The other seared tuna and artichoke salad were nice too.

When the mains came, I found out that the Feast for two is actually a serving not just for 2 people. You have everything in there like prawns, salmon, swordfish, beef skewers and some wurst. It was so filling and this is more than enough for 3 or 4 people to share, not to mention that they were perfectly grilled and included side dishes as well. I absolutely loved it and would urge everyone to try this special promotion while the weather is this good.

And as if the dining experience so far was not enough to make us happy, Sam Packwood started playing some acoustic hits and it was literally my idea of a perfect Saturday – chill, calm, soothing and with loads of food in front of me.

We finished this great meal with the desserts on offer and even if they have 4 options on the menu, we opted for the Croft cheesecake and the chocolate mousse. It was very simple but presented nicely and tasted as you would have imagined it to taste.

To sum up, we enjoyed the BBQ Saturdays promotion and had a really great dining experience at the Croft. Their staff was knowledgeable about the offer, knew what to answer when asked and gave valuable recommendations to the guests.

I loved the place, the service, the whole set up, the food, the drinks and the entertainment. It was literally a perfect day out for me and I couldn’t recommend it more, just go and try it for yourself.

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