Off The Hook

Off The Hook is a seafood restaurant located at Al Falah Street, Airport Road in Abu Dhabi and recently they have now opened another branch in Dubai. I have been to both branches and I can say that they have been very consistent with the service and the food.

We were told that most of their products are sourced locally and delivered fresh every day with some of the more meticulous ones imported from New Zealand so they are frozen.

Off The Hook offers a unique take on seafood by providing guests with a combination of excellent and interesting food in an environment that appeals to a wide and varied group of consumers.

The interior is very simple in both restaurants and they focus more on the food and the experience rather than the comfy chairs or the more elaborate decor. You actually just sit on a bench, with a film paper laid on your table and you’re given plastic aprons and gloves. This is definitely not a fine dining place, there are no utensils and you eat with your hands.

For some people, this practice will be new and exciting, but for Filipinos like me, this is a common thing. Back home, we would even eat on banana leaves for added flavor and a more authentic experience.

The restaurant is owned by Filipinos so 90% of the market would obviously be Filipinos but I wanted to take my friends here to prove that it can compete with the other fancy restaurants in town. My friend told me that she’s so amazed by the atmosphere inside the restaurant where everyone is laughing, telling stories and taking hundreds of food pictures and selfies.

I went with some of my hardcore foodie friends for the ultimate test and I’m very glad to say that they liked the food and the experience. One even said that the mussels which were imported and frozen can pass as fresh. I think it’s safe to say that Off The Hook caters not only to Filipinos but also to much diverse and discerning palates.

The prices are very affordable as well. For a minimum of AED69, you can get a selection of seafood or you can also order by the weight. A half kg of crabs only costs AED39 and a half kilo of mussels will only amount to AED45. They have promotions too, lunch deals, and bottomless drinks.

All in all, if you’re craving for the freshest seafood in the city or you’re just looking to try a new experience, Off The Hook is absolutely the place to go to. You get the best food along with amazing hospitality and it’s a place where no one will judge you if you take a selfie or take endless shots of your food and you will leave with some butter on your lips and a smile on your face.



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